Shimmy, Strengthen, Stretch & Flow

Enjoy complete mind-body rejuvenation through dance! We’ll start a comprehensive dance workout with a full warm up designed to align and strengthen the body for health and longevity. Then, get our blood moving and heart rates up with drills, conditioning exercises, and easy-to-follow choreographies.

Ten (10) lessons in this course.

Move into long stretches of flow-oriented dance sequences, with directed mindfulness practices. Emphasis is on enjoying movement and infusing our dance with elegance, breath, and sensual expression. Play with ideas for incorporating relaxation, fluidity, and extension into simple combinations. We’ll close our practice with deep stretches to lengthen, replenish, and connect to a sense of well being in our bodies. No belly dance experience required, just your playful spirit!

Replay with Rachel Kay Brookmire is a collection of live-streaming classes taught as part of the Sahara Dance, together at home series.