Trello Board Tour

I thought it might be a good idea to give a “tour” of my Trello blogging board. I use it to keep track of and manage blog topics. It’s not a perfect board — I don’t know any that is. I hope that by sharing how I do things in Trello — even the things I don’t do so well — it might encourage others to play around in Trello without being intimidated.

If you view this video on YouTube, you can jump to specific “chapters” by expanding the video description and clicking on the timing hyperlinks. Here’s a list of the chapters.

00:00 – Introduction
01:04 – Boards, Lists, Cards
01:47 – All the Lists
03:12 – Adding a Card
03:30 – Moving Cards and Lists
04:17 – Labels
06:07 – Filtering Cards
07:25 – Labels are not restrictive when filtering
08:35 – Reviewing Cards in a List Using Arrow Keys
10:32 – Reassign Labels
11:22 – Filtering Cards by Label
13:09 – Use Description Box for Planning Content
13:52 – TreeView Power-Up
14:48 – Wrap-Up