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All In One Event Calendar

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General Description & Notes

As of 4/24/19, this is my absolute favorite plugin for basic event calendars.
I have not tested it with booking/reservations yet.


  1. Very intuitive
  2. Shortcodes allow you to create filtered views which can be imported as separate calendars
  3. Filtering by Categories and Tags allows one to create very specific views (e.g., all "soccer" events or all events involving "grayson")
  4. Recurring events handled simply and intuitively, especially using patterns (weekly, daily, etc.)
  5. Extremely smart handling of recurring events, using base events and instances.
  6. Agenda View — one of 6 — is great, especially for small screens
  7. Streaming view and Posterboard views also good, especially for mobile
  8. Can be imported into Apple calendars, Google Calendars and others - HUGE
  9. Supports event featured images and category images
  10. Import other calendars (not tried yet)
  11. Add-on ($29) allows CSV import (not tried yet)
  12. Intuitive method for editing (and detaching) an instance
  13. Supports Clone-Event and Clone-Event-as-Draft


  1. Requires account with Timely (it's an SAS app)

Web Sites

    WordPress Repository
    Author Web site, includes premium addons

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