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Dashboard Widgets Suite

Basic Details

Plugin Author(s): Jeff Star

First Discovered: Sunday, December 9, 2018

Free Version?: Yes

Premium Version?: No

My Rating:

General Description & Notes

First Impressions

This looks incredibly promising, especially for adding feeds of help articles on nwbdocs for clients.

Use feed as follows:

Checked it out at GO RWD site; works fine. Only using the RSS feed feature for now (12/9/18).

On second thought…

The notes feature isn’t very special. Notes cannot be replied to or deleted individually.

I don’t understand some of the other features: list; widget.

I’m beginning to think the plugin could be overkill.

There are ways to do this with code:

Notable Installations

  1. Gary O'Sullivan RWD WordPress site - installed 12/9/18, as a test