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Basic Details

Plugin Author(s): webvitalii

First Discovered: Friday, October 7, 2016

Free Version?: Yes

Premium Version?: No

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General Description & Notes

Using a robust set of shortcode options, this plugin displays pages on your site.

Formerly known as sitemap.

It’s all shortcodes. Very powerful.

Because it doesn’t work in widgets, I use this in conjuction with other Subpages widgets, like Bill Erickson’s BE Subpage Widget.


  1. Good for usting shortcodes within pages (esp landing)
  2. Excellent: Can show featured images and excerpts, GREAT for Landing Pages!
  3. Exhaustive set of params for the shortcode
  4. If pages have manual excerpts (see BSense and Eaton), the pagelist_ext will use them - BUT... see cons
  5. Works in sidebars using pagelist child_of="x" format


  1. Will show subpages but not siblings UNLESS using pagelist child_of="x"
  2. No option for specifying image size for pagelist_ext. Gotta do some configuring to make images work.
  3. To use manual excerpt, one must set the limit_content param to something large, else it will be cut off.

Web Sites

    WordPress Repo Free

Notable Installations

  1. BeachCourt Villa WP - Used for section landing pages
  2. Gary O RWD - Used for section landing pages
  3. Ontrack Training RWD - On Products page
  4. Fitrix 2020 - For ERP Features (and soon more)