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Ultimate FAQs

Basic Details

Plugin Author(s): Etoile Web Design

First Discovered: Friday, July 2, 2021

Free Version?: Yes

Premium Version?: Yes

My Rating:

General Description & Notes


  1. Supports permalink for viewing the FAQ singly. This is how they all should operate.
  2. Supports excerpt; although I cannot find options for toggling display of excerpts.
  3. Nice interface at 5/22/2022


  1. Premium features are teased and not transparent; gotta click to find out you have to pay
  2. Naggy / salesy. Too much emphasis (and screen real estate) for upgrading to pro
  3. Toggle and permalinks don't work, or they are so poorly documented that I can't get them to work.

Notable Installations

  1. Jeff dot net creatures - testing
  2. - 5/28/22