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WordPress Related Posts Plugin AddThis

Basic Details

Plugin Author(s): AddThis Team

First Discovered: Monday, December 17, 2018

Free Version?: Yes

Premium Version?: No

My Rating:

General Description & Notes

Trying on GaryO RWD.

First impressions: odd. Since there’s a delay for showing posts (the AT server needs to think and analyze), I can’t immediately see how to configure for styling. We’ll see.

Evaluated on Tue morning, 12/18. Not about it. Deleting from GO RWD, adding the YARPP.


  1. AddThis server does the work
  2. Can insert widgets in widget areas


  1. No immediate results, as AddThis is doing analysis first.
  2. Footer widget way too low on page.
  3. Cannot deactivate elements after activating them in WP DashBoard! Have to do it from AddThis account
  4. It picks up static pages; no easy way to configure what is picked up.

Notable Installations

  1. GaryO RWD - Testing for first time at 12/17/18