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Admin Menu Editor

Simple and perfect for reorganizing admin menu items. I use it for many sites now: sorting alpha. (Manual Summary)

Advanced Sidebar Menu

Discovered this in the FB WP Plugin Suggestions group.

BE Subpages Widget

Good, but not updated since 2020. (Manual Summary)

If Menu – Visibility control for Menu Items

Description Control what menu items your site’s visitors see, based on visibility rules. Here are a few examples: Display a menu item only if User is logged in Hide menu items if Device is mobile Display menu items for Admins …
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Nav Menu Roles

Allows showing/hiding nav menu items by logged-in/logged-out and user (WP) roles. Perfect for MemberPress. (Manual Summary)


Using a robust set of shortcode options, this plugin displays pages on your site. Formerly known as sitemap. It’s all shortcodes. Very powerful. Because it doesn’t work in widgets, I use this in conjuction with other Subpages widgets, like Bill …
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