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Admin Columns

Manage and organize columns in the posts, users, comments and media lists in the WordPress admin panel. Transform the WordPress admin screens into beautiful, clear overviews. (Manual Summary)

Admin Menu Editor

Simple and perfect for reorganizing admin menu items. I use it for many sites now: sorting alpha. (Manual Summary)

Advanced Custom Fields

Use the Advanced Custom Fields plugin to take full control of your WordPress edit screens & custom field data.

Advanced Sidebar Menu

Discovered this in the FB WP Plugin Suggestions group.

All In One Event Calendar

As of 4/24/19, this is my absolute favorite plugin for basic event calendars. I have not tested it with booking/reservations yet.

amr shortcode any widget

This plugin allows assigning a shortcode to any widget so that it can be inserted anywhere (provided the element supports shortcodes). (Manual Summary)

BE Subpages Widget

Good, but not updated since 2020. (Manual Summary)

Better Notifications for WP

Better Notifications for WP is a simple but powerful plugin for beginners to advanced users that allows you to customise the email notifications that WordPress sends using a WYSIWYG editor and shortcodes. All of the default WordPress email notifications are …
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Using at Really nice. Simpler than Echo Knowledgebase (Manual Summary)


Syndicates content across sites in WordPress MultiSite network (Manual Summary)

Bulk Page Creator

Allows you to create multiple pages in a batch/bulk manner saving time when initially setting up your WordPress site. This plugin will give you a startup screen in which you can add as many pages in a quick manner and …
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CMP – Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin by NiteoThemes

Simple — and supports user role management (i.e., bypassing for any role(s). Especially good for a membership site where we need to test different membership levels. Most MM plugins allow only ADMINS to view the site, which doesn’t allow membership testing. (Manual Summary)

Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode

Protects site while under maintenance. (Manual Summary)

CookieYes – Cookie Banner for Cookie Consent

From the Website The CookieYes GDPR Cookie Consent plugin simplifies GDPR (RGPD, DSVGO) compliance by seamlessly integrating a cookie banner into your website. Additionally, it offers support for various global privacy regulations, including LGPD (Brazil), CNIL (France), PIPEDA (Canada), Law …
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Custom Block Patterns

Crazy easy way to create custom block patterns. Simple. Intuitive. (Manual Summary)

Display All Image Sizes

From the plugin site at WordPress: When you upload an image to your WordPress site, WordPress auto-generates lots of sizes of it. However, there aren’t many good ways to see and use those sizes: The Media Attachment page in “Media” …
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Dynamic Widgets

Allows you to conditionally display/hide widgets based on a large set of parameters. I have been using this forever on most sites. It is somewhat esoteric, in that civilians might have difficulty using it. (Manual Summary)

Enhanced Media Library

Adds taxonomies to media for improved management – the paid version is well worth it. (Manual Summary)

Genesis Featured Page Advanced

If you build Web sites with Genesis, it’s an absolute no-brainer to install and use this plugin, which is a huge improvement over the “Genesis Featured Page” widget. Here’s an example of what can appear on the frontend, using three …
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Genesis Featured Widget Amplified

*** Added it to GaryO RWD site today, 12/14/18, on Home Page, for Keynote Presentation CPT. Nice! Found in Facebook Genesis group. From plugin site: Genesis Featured Widget Amplified adds additional functionality to the Genesis Featured Posts Widget. Specifically it: …
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List Custom Taxonomy Widget

Creates a listing of custom taxonmy in sidebar. (Manual Summary)

Nav Menu Roles

Allows showing/hiding nav menu items by logged-in/logged-out and user (WP) roles. Perfect for MemberPress. (Manual Summary)


Using a robust set of shortcode options, this plugin displays pages on your site. Formerly known as sitemap. It’s all shortcodes. Very powerful. Because it doesn’t work in widgets, I use this in conjuction with other Subpages widgets, like Bill …
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Popup Maker

Definitely my FAVE free Popups plugin at 11/20/2020 – after I was able to customize Date-Window condition! (Manual Summary)

Quick and Easy FAQs

Arconix FAQ appears to be abandoned at 1/2023. [faqs] Display all FAQs in simple list style. [faqs order=”ASC” orderby=”title”] Display all FAQs in simple list style and order by ascending title. [faqs order=”DESC” orderby=”title”] Display all FAQs in simple list …
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Resize Image After Upload

From the Web site: A free, fast, easy to use, stable and frequently updated plugin to resize your images after upload. Supported by the friendly team that created ShortPixel. This plugin automatically resizes images (JPEG, GIF, and PNG) when they …
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Responsive Lightbox & Gallery

At some point in 2018 – I think in September – Responsive Lightbox by dFactory became Responsive Lightbox & Gallery by dFactory. My fave Lightbox plugin, along with Foo. Foo is prettier, but it doesn’t do dynamic galleries (YET). Incompatibility …
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Reveal IDs

Shows IDs of posts in admin listing. (Manual Summary)


Shortcoder plugin allows to create a custom shortcodes for HTML, JavaScript, CSS and other code snippets. Now the shortcodes can be used in posts/pages and the snippet will be replaced in place. I’m giving it 5 stars based on the fact that it works in contexts where other similar plugins do not. (Manual Summary)

Strong Testimonials

From the plugin site: In just a few steps, you will be collecting and publishing your testimonials or reviews. Beginners and pros alike will appreciate the wealth of flexible features refined over 4 years from user feedback and requests. Keep …
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Widget CSS Classes

(From the Repo:) Widget CSS Classes gives you the ability to add custom classes and ids to your WordPress widgets Please note that this plugin doesn’t enable you to enter custom CSS. You’ll need to edit your theme’s style.css or …
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Widget Options

My new GO-TO now! It works with MEPR and hiding widgets based on membership, using simple MEPR conditional.
Lots of 5-star ratings. But a quick test on OTT tells me it’s not as robust as Dynamic Widgets.
At 10/25/2020, it looks as if there has been a takeover by another dev. I should give it another chance. Liking it at 9/29/21 (installed on FTO). (Manual Summary)


Having problems with your WordPress site not sending emails? You’re not alone. Over 3 million websites use WP Mail SMTP to send their emails reliably. Our goal is to make email deliverability easy and reliable. We want to ensure your …
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WP Testimonials with rotator widget

After tiring of trying to find a good testimonials plugin among all the Gutenberg block plugins, this was a fantastic find. (Manual Summary)